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How it works

In under 5 min this video will give you an overview of what is possible with Automazoid. 

Multiple cards types to choose from

Personalize with Your Branding and Images Using Our Easy Card Builder! 

  • Stamps – Works on the mechanics: Buy 10 and get the 11th as a gift.
  • Cashback – Give and redeem customers points for purchases.
  • Subscription – Sell services in bulk to your customers.
  • Discount – Classic discount system with several earning levels.
  • Coupon – Attract new customers with digital coupons.
  • Certificate – Sell prepaid certificates to customers.

Unlock the Power of Referrals

Are you feeling the pressure of escalating ad platform expenses? In today’s competitive landscape on Ad platforms, social media and SEO, standing out from the crowd and earning the trust and attention of your ideal customers can be an uphill battle.

Referral marketing offers a powerful solution to these modern marketing woes. Our soulution: Each card can contain a unique referral link enabeling you to reward customers for referring their friends.

Automated push notifications remind them to spread the word, you can include incentives to sweeten the deal.

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Effortlessly Scan Customer Cards with Our Free Scanner App

No Extra Hardware Needed – It’s All Included in Our Platform!

Once you set up your business account, you’ll get access to our  card scanner app that works on your phones browser.

Share the it with your sales team and easily track shared statistics.

Picture of scanner app.

Send push notifications to increase customer retention


Automatic PUSH notifications with the transaction information come instantly at the time of sale. The message informs the client about their current loyalty and reward status.


Notifications can be sent manually like SMS. Send PUSH messages to your entire customer base or a selected group.


Automatically send PUSH to all clients with your loyalty card within 330 feet of your business location.


Send polite reminders about the rewards for referring friends.

Create your way

The PUSH designer allows you to create your own script for sending automatic PUSHs. The number of messages and scenarios is not limited.

Quality control

Automatic PUSH comes 1 hour after purchase. Client is invited to leave feedback on the service quality.



Monthly Subscription - £139 Yearly Subscription - £828


Monthly Subscription - £199 Yearly Subscription - £1188


Monthly Subscription - £259 Yearly Subscription - £1548

Platform walkthrough

Take a look inside the platform in the quick video walkthrough. 

Are you busy? We understand!

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Automate your workflow

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