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AI-Powered Customer Service Assistants.

Tired of customers waiting in line, or worse, leaving your website? Our AI chat assistants are at your service, 24/7. They engage with your visitors, answer their queries, and guide them to the solutions they need – all with a dash of charm and a sprinkle of AI magic.

Leads on Autopilot: Referral Marketing.

Who doesn't love a good referral? With Automazoid, you can sit back and watch your referrals soar. We've cracked the code on turning your customers into your brand advocates, making sure those referrals keep rolling in.

Automating Workflows.

Ever dreamed of a day when your workflow could run on autopilot? That's precisely what we do. With modern technology, a sprinkle of AI wizardry, we supercharge your business processes, making them more efficient and effective than ever.

Leads on Autopilot: Referral Marketing

Are you looking to boost your business? Increase customer acquisition, and supercharge your growth? Look no further than our done for you, Referral Marketing program! 

We’re here to help businesses like yours unleash the power of referrals to expand your reach and elevate your brand.

  • Turn your happy customers into marketting streams.
  • Reward brand loyalty.
  • Elevate customer acquisition. 
  • Seemless integration with your back end systems like, Hubspot, Stripe, Sales force, Zapier and many more.

AI Powered Customer Service Assistants

Tap into the Potential of Artificial Intelligence. Imagine the benifits of a State-of-the-art AI chatbot that is specifically tailored to your business. Acting as a virtual receptionist, it handles routine inquiries 24/7, freeing up your staff to focus on more complex tasks.

Experience increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced stress with our cutting-edge technology.

  • Works around the clock.
  • Programmed on your business.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Easy integration. 


Workflow automation

Transform Your Business with Workflow Automation

Welcome to the future of productivity and efficiency! Say goodbye to the days of repetitive tasks and hello to streamlined success with our cutting-edge workflow automation solutions.

  • Automation means precision. Say farewell to costly human errors.
  • With automated tasks taking care of the mundane, your team can focus on innovation, strategy, and driving your business forward.
  • As your business grows, our workflow automation adapts, ensuring your operations remain efficient and cost-effective.
  • Ready to revolutionize your workflow and supercharge your business? Discover the potential of workflow automation today

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